Why did Jesus heal?

The Bible tells us that the reason that Jesus healed a lot of people when he was on this earth because he had compassion for them. The blind, lame, lepers, demon-possessed, widows – people desperate for healing because they thought the healing was what was most important fix. Jesus knew it wasn’t what would really change their lives, but he just couldn’t help but respond to all the misery. And I’m pretty sure that he expects us to feel the same way about the world around us. Respond to the misery, whether there is a spiritual payoff or not.   

Time after time after time, we ask Jesus to fix the things that aren’t the cause of true brokenness. He’ll do it sometimes. Sometimes not. But the true brokenness is what he really wants to fix. And that doesn’t always happen by touching the hem of his garment. Sometimes there is a cross to shoulder and carry up a hill. 

From The Truth Swing by Francine Phillips

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