2 thoughts on “The bench ministry

  1. Shirley Lockhart says:

    Thanks for sharing this Fran! That’s quite a kid you have! Love hearing what he’s doing and how God is using him! Makes a Momma proud 🙂 Love you, Shirl

    On Sat, Mar 1, 2014 at 11:25 AM, Francine Phillips wrote:

    > Francine Phillips posted: “The bench ministryLamonluther features > Jesse Phillips’ ATL Bench Works in his blog. Read his story and be > inspired. “

  2. kathleen smith says:

    This is so wonderful. Jesse, you are an amazing and caring young man. I am so proud of you helping these people. So hard helping people who don’t have the skills to sustain it sometimes. But look at the two you are sustaining! Just pulling one person up is a miracle. What a creative thing to do and such a great product.

    I have also seen these pallets used as the base of the new wall gardens, rustic and coot. Perhaps you could use one of these for your personal garden. Aunt Kathy

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