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Mike at Sea

He sailed through life.

Careful preparation was his secret.


Survival was given every opportunity to prevail over

being a helpless speck on a wide, wild ocean.

He was careful.

But once underway, he sailed into the headwind,

preferring the sail to the rudder.

He didn’t like to tack.

Straight ahead.


Capturing the wisps of air and current

and channeling them into power.



a rogue wave, strange and rare,

sucked the bottom out from under him,

pounded relentlessly,


coming out of nowhere.

Slammed and tossed.


but still afloat.

And he navigated the strategy of letting go of the rigging.

Forsaking the sail after all.

No option to come about.

Allowing himself to float.

His buoyancy maintained

by being positive, cheerful, accepting and loving.

And loving.

It turned out he had a savior.


Yes, that Jesus.

“Even the wind and the sea obey him.”

He survived tumultuous seas on faith, 

forsaking sail and rudder altogether,

and discovered that he had an Anchor.

Now he sails again on glassy seas, the wind at his back.

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